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Where2School the Education Portal

Where2School the Education Portal

What’s Where2School
Choosing a University or College is Difficult and Time-Consuming!

If you are considering studying at a University or College, how do you decide which to choose? Maybe it’s your brother who graduated from that University. Maybe it’s your uncle. However, most likely you search online, you google, going from one University website to another, reading about the University and taking note of important stuff like application and tuition fees, entry requirements, duration of the course, etc. You attend education fairs and speak to many different university representatives. The bottom line is that it is difficult and time-consuming.

We Want to Change That

We want to give you an online destination where you can:

  • search for Universities, Colleges and courses
  • compare them in easy to understand format
  • shortlist courses for your reference
  • connect with university counselors and seek advice

All of these in the comfort of your home, office, or nearby Starbucks. For free.

Visit : http://www.where2school.com