Common local area network and internet sharing connections scheme are easy to install, plug and play as the most SOHO internet router in the market take cares all basic functions, should be ok for sharing one internet connection to 1-15 computer’s

Common issue with this type of connections :

1. Unmanaged Environment

The basic connection is not the best network configuration for a larger environment ie, 20 to 200 computers, this cause the administrator put more efforts and time to identify and maintain the network.

2. Random IP’s

Depends on the router type you have most router only allow you to define up to 10 or 50 static IP’s, Random IP provided by the router are good for plug and play and unmanaged environment, however these days administrator should not running from one desk to another to troubleshoot the problem, administrator can check and troubleshoot more than 90% issue from his desk.

3. Filtering & user Control

Depends on the router type, most router came with basic and limited filter function that allow administrator to block few URL or which PC allowed or not allowed to access the internet.

4. Slow Internet Connection

The more computer connected to the internet the slower connection will be. In many cases when one or two computer are too active or downloading a large files or watching videos, they will consume all internet bandwith and cause other users to stack and can’t even check or sending the important mail!

5. Security

All of those plug and play SOHO router in the market can’t provide a good security to your network, most of people did not know that once they connected to the internet the are vulnerable, hacker and virus can sneak out to your internal network and steal your data.

6. Failover

None of those routers provide you with the internet failover connection, most of the company in Indonesia have more than one internet connection for backup reason. When the 1st connection failed, the administrator should switch the internet connection manually and restart the router to make it work.



If you facing up the problem mention above, please contact us to have a better solution; faster internet connection, managed network, user or group controlled internet access role, advance filtering to your users or group, better security, and ability to switch to backup internet connection when the 1st connection fail.

Below are the illustration for the secured network diagram and the secure network diagram with internet failover function.