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iChronoz Intelligent Hotel Reservation System

iChronoz Intelligent Hotel Reservation System

CHRONOZ Intelligent Hotel Reservation System Perfect for Hotel, Villa, Resort

Hotel Booking Engine that run transparently inside hotel website

Increase Visitor Trust, Drive Direct Sales, Integrated Payment Gateway and Accept  Online Payment (Credit Card & ATM / Virtual Account), Increase Room Occupancy, Unlimited Possibility of Promotion Campaign you can think of


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Today iChronoz is the most sophisticated Hotel Reservation System or Hotel Booking System that run inside any hotel website, the whole room search and room booking process run within hotel website. Hotel can now have the freedom and flexibility to define their own promotion campaign combination; internet rate, special offers, hot deal, super deal, September deal, last minute deal, packages, additional services etc.. anything you can think of.

With iChronoz Hotel Booking System hotel have the ability to add extras services ie. Gala Dinner, Performance etc, or  surcharge for specific period such as Weekend surcharges or specific period surcharges.

By using iChronoz Booking Engine, hotel will be able to manage the room / villa inventory and iChronozIntelligent enough to help your website visitor by proposing the most cheaper room rate up to the higher (sortable) and at the same time offer an up sell or recommend the most relevant promotion package in the system.

Most of all by using iChronoz hotel owner & hotel operator have a great tools to create unlimited promotion in their own website, increasing visitor trust and drive direct sales, payment from your guest go direct to the hotel account. At the end hotel / villa have higher room occupancy and control.

There’s a lot more features to explain this website, Contact iChronoz Booking Engine now to experience theiChronoz Intelligent Hotel Reservation System.