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Tri Dinamika Nusantara

Tri Dinamika Nusantara
Case Study
About Tri Dinamika
    • Client : PT. Tri Dinamika Nusantara

      Country : Indonesia

      Business : Animal Health & Nutrition Products

      Year : 2012

      URL : www.tdnid.com

      Objective :

    • PT TRI DINAMIKA NUSANTARA was established on September 2004 in Jakarta, Indonesia. In early 2005, the company started to market its own livestock products, Customix Complete Premix – COMBO 9 series for the swine farmers. Ever since then, the company continue to grow and diversify its products range. Eventually it has obtained a firm trust from overseas principals to market their products in Indonesia. They are namely Mobedco-Vet from Jordan, Olmix from France, Dex Iberica from Spain, Veyx Pharma GmbH from Germany, Euroduna-Citoforte from Germany, Nutrex NV from Belgium, Ceetal Laboratoires from France, Progress Group from Malaysia and Woogene B&G from Korea. All these producers/principals are reputable companies in this livestock industry. Their products are of high qualities, which are inevitably are in line with our motto “QUALITY IS OUR PRIORITY”. In order to further boost the performance of the company to compete more dynamically and competitatively in this Globalisation era, we have since moved to our new factory cum office premise in early 2012 in Bekasi, West Java.