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Nutrend Int’l

Nutrend Int’l

Case Study

About Nutrend

Client : PT. Nutrend Int’l

URL :www.nutrend-intl.com

Country : Indonesia

Business : Multi Level Marketing

Year : 2007

Objective : Create a website that allow it’s member to online order, check status, latest promotions, and also allow member to check bonus earned and the downline tree.

PT. Nutrend International is a network marketing company that officially launched on June 30, 2006. It comes under the banner Sido Group. PT. Nutrend International aspires to take part in alleviating poverty and unemployment in Indonesia with entrepreneurs creating new personal franchise. Besides realizing the importance of financial health, health Nutrend also understand that sports no less important. Only with a healthy body, people can work more optimally, happiness can be enjoyed by the family and can live more meaningful. Therefore, Sido comes with its R & D team along with research on herbs for 16 years to supply the most complete range of health supplements for Nutrend.