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Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia

Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia
Case Study
About Abacus Indonesia
    • Client : Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia

      Country : Indonesia

      Business : Provider of travel solutions and services

      Year : 2013

      URL : www.abacus-ind.co.id

      Objective :

    • Marked by a distinct mix of cultures, currencies, languages and business practices, the dynamic nature of Asia’s travel industry requires businesses to be armed with a good understanding of the local markets, as well as solutions and services that effectively serve the fast changing needs of the region’s travelers. Abacus is Asia’s leading provider of travel solutions and services since 1988. Staffed by people who ‘grew up’ in the airline and travel and leisure industry, we know Asia’s business nuances by the heartbeat. This invaluable attribute has helped us in widening the distribution of travel content from hundreds of travel suppliers including airlines, hotels, car rentals and insurance providers.